This levy is not a new tax; it replaces an expiring levy.

For about $3 more per month more for the average homeowner, we can protect the critical investments we’ve made over the years and renew our commitment to a great neighborhood library system.

Unfortunately, if this levy fails it will mean reduced library hours, fewer literacy classes and homework assistance, as well as reduced access to materials, technology and digital literacy classes for people unable to afford computers.

If the levy is not renewed, it also means deferred maintenance on aging and seismically-unstable buildings.

Seattle voters understand the importance of libraries and stepped up in the last recession to restore hours and services. Now, in the face of growth and change, we must continue these investments and not turn back the clock. By passing this levy, we can maintain and even increase neighborhood branch hours, staffing, and service levels.

This updated replacement levy will allow us to continue upgrading and improving computers, technology, and internet access as well as maintain computers at libraries in neighborhoods across the city.

This levy will make sure we can continue modernizing, growing, and enhancing the library’s popular physical and digital book and media collections.

Critically, this levy also provides nearly one hundred percent of major maintenance costs and will help ensure library buildings and facilities are well-maintained and receive needed accessibility and earthquake improvements.

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